Category: Machine Learning setup and dataset dir

Downloaded dataset from here: And to use it modified: X:\Anaconda3\envs\ENV_NAME\Lib\site-packages\keras\datasets #dirname = ‘cifar-10-batches-py’ dirname = ‘X:\Anaconda3\envs\ENV_NAME\Lib\site-packages\keras\datasets\cifar-10-batches-py’

How to install Tensorflow in an Anaconda virtual environment – Mac

So I have Anaconda installed and wanted to install TensorFlow as well (I’m using PyCharm): I tried installing TensorFlow with Conda as per official doc: conda create -n tensorflow pip python=3.6 source activate tensorflow pip install –ignore-installed –upgrade However when creating a new virtual environment in PyCharm you need to make sure TensorFlow…

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Keras 2 API tips

“Old” Keras Dense declaration in Keras 2 API : model.add(Dense(11, input_dim=11, init=”uniform”, activation=”relu”)) is now: Dense(11, input_dim=11, activation=”relu”, kernel_initializer=”uniform”) If when adding you TypeError: add() got an unexpected keyword argument ‘init’   UserWarning: The `nb_epoch` argument in `fit` has been renamed `epochs`. warnings.warn(‘The `nb_epoch` argument in `fit` ‘