How to run Java in “unsafe” mode in Safari 11 ?

Unable to read a notification from SAT Buzon Tributario because you can’t sign it?

I was hitting this issue: received a notification from SAT (Mexico IRS) which as you can imagine may be a big deal, the problem is to read it you need to digitally sign it… and the app was not founding anything on my mac’s file system.

So after a while I realized it may be that Safari was blocking it… and yes it was, you need to run the site in “unsafe mode”

The problem is to do so you need to do an obscure (at least to me) Safari trick I found in this page:


Adding this post as it’s not obvious the relationshipt between SAT (Mexican IRS) and this security setting.

Solution in a nutshell:

  • Safari Preferences, Websites, Plug-ins, Java
  • Hold Alt (or Option), click the drop down menu next to the URL (, and select Run in Safe Mode.
  • Voila

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