Month: October 2017

Keras 2 API tips

“Old” Keras Dense declaration in Keras 2 API : model.add(Dense(11, input_dim=11, init=”uniform”, activation=”relu”)) is now: Dense(11, input_dim=11, activation=”relu”, kernel_initializer=”uniform”) If when adding you TypeError: add() got an unexpected keyword argument ‘init’   UserWarning: The `nb_epoch` argument in `fit` has been renamed `epochs`. warnings.warn(‘The `nb_epoch` argument in `fit` ‘

How to install nltk (Windows and Mac)

If you are getting this error: ‘tokenizers/punkt/PY3/english.pickle’ Most likely is because you haven’t downloaded necessary nltk packages, don’t worry is quite easy: Open a terminal (cmd in Windows) Run Python by typing in the terminal Window python then write everything belo conda install -c anaconda nltk import nltk Look for a new program that will…

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Trouble installing R studio in Anaconda

I was having issues installing R studio in Anaconda Navigator, below the solution (pretty obvious but may be helpful if you are getting started: J05:~ josuegc$ sudo conda install -c r rstudio J05:~ josuegc$ sudo conda install -c r/label/borked rstudio Source: